A great way to add a stylish look to the exterior of your home, shed, commercial building, or whatever it is, is by adding steel panel accents to your roofing or siding panels. Using steel panels as an accent to your home can help transform the exterior from something boring or normal, to something with style.

Porches and Patios

One of the easiest and most popular ways of adding steel panel accents is by adding a metal roof over your porch or patio. Even if you have a shingled roof on the main part of the house, adding this in will give it a unique look.   Patios and porches tend to have accent roofs that are visible from the ground, providing an opportunity to offset the siding or building’s trim. You’ll love the look every time you enter the driveway.

Entryway Accents

Create an inviting and welcoming entryway by using steel accent panel roofing over your main entry door. Use it to really color coordinate and tie the finishes into your desired style. Having a roof over your entryway gives you the luxury to add plants or decorations underneath.


The advantage of metal panels is that there are so many colors to choose from.  Find something that accents the siding, trim or roofing, and add it in.  Even the smallest details, like over a bay window for example, can give your house the look that your neighbors’ homes don’t have, making your house the envy of the block.

Ready to Get Started on Adding an Steel Panel Accent?

When you’re ready to add style to your home or building by using steel panel accents, get in contact with our team. We can help you choose the perfect accent to match your style. If you need recommendations, our team can help you find the perfect panel profile, color, or finish to find the end result that you’re looking for.


Using steel panels as an accent