From a humble start in the midst of the 1980s recession with two employees and having to literally mortgage the family farm, a seed was planted. That seed now has grown to a multi-million-dollar corporation of 160 associates. All American Steel ™ today manufactures and provides...

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All American Steel banner of house using red metal roofing - All American Steel

Notice that the cupolas and rain gutter all match the roof color. Had the owner wished, the soffit panels could have matched as well. All American Steel™ has 17 colors of distinction, perfectly color coordinated. The days of trying to pick out colors from different manufacturers and ending up saying "well it is as close as we can get it" are over.

Colors of Distinction
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This bridge was built in 2014, but it has the style like it could have been built in 1914. Had All American Steel been around back then and the bridge maintained all those years, the standing seam roof would probably not look a whole lot different than it does right now; faded a wee bit perhaps. Reason ... because All American Steel™ roof panels have a galvalume substrate. Our galvalume concealed fastener roof system can last four to nine times longer than the standard galvanized roofs of today. Think how much better our roofing is than the steel panels of yesteryear. Beauty... who knows how long your roof will last ...
2114 maybe? Just maybe.

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All American Steel banner of bridge using our metal roofing - All American Steel

Standing Seam

Standing Seam Roofing Systems for Residential Homes or Commercial Buildings is built with hidden fastener panels.

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Exposed Fastener panels are installed with the screw heads exposed to the exterior of the building.

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We have many installation tutorial videos available as well as an installation manual.

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