Metal roofing offers exceptional longevity and durability, which makes it a smart roofing solution for commercial or industrial roofing replacement.

Recover versus Replace

For many non-residential roof replacement projects, building owners have the option of either removing and replacing the existing roof, or recovering the existing roof. For most, recovering the existing metal roof with a new metal roof offers building owners a more affordable solution with all the benefits of a new metal roof.

One of the reasons metal-over-metal roofing is a more affordable option is that owners save on tear-off and removal expenses. Of course, the biggest savings is the fact that you won’t have to pay labor and disposal for removing the existing roof.

Recovering the roof also creates minimal disruption to the operation of the business itself and generally takes less time overall than a complete “peel and replace.”

Other Industrial Roof Replacement Considerations

Energy efficiency is something to consider when replacing the roof of a commercial or industrial building. A roof replacement presents building owners with an opportunity to increase the building’s energy efficiency, thereby lowering the energy costs of the building.

While appearance is not typically a primary concern for a commercial or industrial roof replacement project (as most are near flat surfaces), the roof color can impact energy efficiency. A roof color with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) value, is more energy efficient than bare metal or a darker color (for example white or any light color). Opting for a high SRI paint color can add some nominal upfront costs, but over time, the energy savings from increased energy efficiency outweighs the added expense.